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Notice of transfer your balance to your personal wallets

Dear friend:

This is important! BitFuFu will launch a new payment system on December 16th, when the balance you left in [My Fund] will not be used to pay for new orders and service fees. It is recommended that you withdraw the balance to your personal wallet by the 16th

If you have a running order, please modify the order revenue address to a personal wallet address as soon as posiible.

Click here to check how to modify your output adress

Additionally, the balance will not be available for service charges after 30 days .To avoid affecting the regular operation of the order, please pay the service fee in advance

Click here to know how to pay for service charges

Thanks for your support!

For inquiries, please contact

You can also join BitFuFu official group: and contact @FuFuadmin to know more details.


Nov.29th, 2022

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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