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Risk reminder to prevent online/phone fraud by Fake BitFuFu Staff

Distinguished users:

Recently, we have received feedback that scammers disguised as BitFuFu Customer Service staff to induce BitFuFu users to transfer crypto assets into a specific wallet address through text messages on Telegram and other means.

BitFuFu platform reminds users to beware of being cheated. Any act of contacting you in the official name of BitFuFu and asking you to transfer crypto assets privately can be regarded as fraud. For our campaigns and product info, please refer to the official announcements.

Most common Fraud Methods:

👉 PM you that BitFuFu will launch cloud hosting products, and you should transfer assets to a designated address if you want to pre-order at a lower price;

👉 PM you and tell you that '_Need to reset and activating on the miners to be on good condition issues a payment of $1000 worth of bitcoin, which will be transferred into the miners separately, and this amount will be returned to your account after 2 days once being activated and makes all your miner to start running perfectly_'

Risk Reminder:

Please do not provide personal information such as your account information, password, SMS verification codes and Google Authenticator code to strangers or third parties.

BitFuFu will not send text messages to ask you to make private transfers and withdrawals.


BitFuFu kindly ask all users to strictly abide by the rules of the platform, and be aware of the risk from fraud warning to identify all kinds of risks. At the same time, BitFuFu requires illegal imitators and the outside world who want to distort facts and discredit BitFuFu to stop infringement immediately.

BitFuFu shall not be liable for any adverse consequences arising from the counterfeiters, the deceived, the credulity of the rumours, etc. To actions that damage BitFuFu's brand reputation, once verified, BitFuFu will be strictly investigated for legal liability.

If you receive any suspicious text messages, phone calls, or emails, please contact our online customer service for


Nov.21, 2021

Updated on: 30/10/2022

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