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New Payment System Launched

Dear users,
As the world's leading cloud mining service provider, BitFuFu has always been committed to providing you with convenient and efficient mining services. BitFuFu launched a new payment system on December 21, 2022. Each product order will generate a unique payment address for transfer only.

The influence of the new payment system on the existing functions is as follows

Balance. [My Fund] cannot be used to pay for new orders except for the service fee, and after December 30th, it will no longer support service fee withholding. The balance in [My Fund] needs to be refunded by the user. Or after FuFu Points are launched at the end of December, users can buy FuFu Points with the balance, which can be used for order payment and service fee withholding.

Transfer. The transfer function will be turned off. Users cannot transfer the balance then.

Service fee withholding. Users who have turned on service fee withholding will not be affected and can continue to withhold through the balance. After December 30th, the balance will not be used for service fee withholding. To avoid affecting the regular operation of the order, please pay the service fee in time. We will launch the function of paying service fees in bulk in January. Click Here to Check How to Pay for Service Charges

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the upgrade of the payment system. Thank you very much for your continuous attention and support. As we are completing the overall upgrade of the system, it will bring you a better experience and safer service.

Thank you for your support for BitFuFu. For more questions, please get in touch with


Updated on: 22/12/2022

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