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Experience Upgraded! Mining Experience Optimization Display and Tips

In order to provide you with a higher-quality cloud mining experience, we have comprehensively optimized the display of pool payment rules, delivery progress of computing power, service interruption reminders, and daily output email reports. We aim to offer you a simpler and more efficient mining operation.

Payment Rules Display Optimization

To ensure that more cloud mining users understand payment rules, this update displays payment rule details in advance, allowing for a quicker and more direct understanding of pool payments.

Note: Payment rule explanation content can be closed and detailed documentation can be viewed through the "Payment Rules" section.

This update is located at: DASHBOARD→My Hashrate

Computing Power Delivery Progress Optimization

This optimization displays the computing power delivery progress for each order, highlighting different colors to indicate the computing power delivery status.

Daily updates on average computing power and payment status are provided for easy tracking of the current computing power payment progress.

This update is located in: DASHBOARD→My Hashrate→Any Order→Output History.

Note: The platform defaults to a 1:1 compensation for computing power loss due to service interruptions but does not compensate for computing power loss due to service fee discontinuation.

Service Interruption Reminder Optimization

The platform now provides detailed explanations for the interruption of services for each order, making it easier to understand the reasons for service interruptions and distinguishing between "Service Suspension" and "Service Fee Discontinuation."

This update is located at: DASHBOARD→My Hashrate→Any Order→Interruption Record.

Output Daily Report Email Optimization

This update focuses on optimizing user output daily reports. In addition to style adjustments, the platform now includes the total output for all hash rate orders, allowing you to directly understand your mining output. It also adds a reminder for remaining service fees, with orders having less than 3 days displaying a yellow background, and orders with a service fee of 0 displaying a red background.

Other Optimizations

In addition to the above main points, this platform optimization also includes the USD to BTC computing power value switching, automatic payment of service fees button optimization, registration/login captcha filling optimization, and labeling of explanations for various backend processes. BitFuFu adheres to the principle of "User-Centric, Mutual Benefit," aiming to bring miners a more worry-free, understandable, and convenient mining experience.

Updated on: 10/11/2023

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