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Elevate Your Experience! Introducing a Fresh Display of Order Payment Status Feature

When users create hashrate orders or service fee payment orders and select bank transfer as the payment method, we have been unable to provide a progress tracking for bank transfers.

Due to the involvement of multiple steps and the necessity of a longer processing time in bank transfers, many users have experienced the issue of their order status remaining as "Pending Payment" even after several hours following the transfer. This situation has caused concerns among users regarding the success of their bank transfers. 😣

In response to this, we have optimized this feature and introduced the capability to display Transfer Progress and Estimated Crediting Time! 🤩

The 'Payment Successful' status involves the following steps:

Step One: Block Confirmation
Step Two: Crediting
Step Three: Successfully Credited

If the credited amount is greater than or equal to the order amount, and the payment status shows as 'Successfully Credited,' the order status will be immediately updated to 'Completed'

Updated on: 18/08/2023

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