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How to Pay for Service Charges

1. What is the service fee?
Service fee refers to the operation and maintenance costs incurred by BitFuFu to ensure the stable operation of the miner, including costs of electricity, repair, maintenance, transportation, etc.

2. How many days of service fees are included when placing an order?
BitFuFu hashrate fees include hashrate fee + at least 10 days’ service fee.After that, the service fee needs to be paid manually by the user or automatically withheld by the platform if the Service Fee Withholding function is on (One lump sum payment for the whole cycle service fee upon purchasing is also accepted).

3. Why do Pro-Mining Plans support flexible payment of service fees?
Because the timing of service fee payment, the currency of payment, and the fluctuation of the market will affect your total cost, thus affecting the overall income of your order.
For example, when you want to hoard coins or when the currency price is low, BTC will have less purchasing power. At this time, it is recommended to pay the service fee with USDT and keep the BTC you mined. When the currency price is high, BTC will have less purchasing power, and you can use the mined BTC to pay the service fee. In this way, you can earn from mining and also benefit from rising currency prices!

4. How to calculate the service fee amount?

Number of days to be paid Order hashrate T Unit price of service fee

How to pay the service fee
There are two ways of payment:

①Use the service fee withholding function to pay the service fee automatically
Turn on the Service Fee Withholding. When the service fee of the order is less than 3 days, FuFu Points will be automatically deducted by our platform.
When the function is turned on, all users’ orders will withhold service fees with FuFu Points.
Note: Users need to purchase FuFu Points in advance to avoid withhold failure.

② Manual service fee payment
Select the hashrate order you want to pay and pay it manually.

Note: Unpaid service fees due to users' operation will cause the hashrate order to stop running. Our platform will not compensate for the hashrate cost or mining output loss during the stop-running period** 。

Method 1: Use the service fee withholding function to pay the service fee automatically
On the [My Account]-[My Hashrate] page, turn on the automatic withholding function switch in the figure, then there will be a pop-up.
Click FuFu Points in the pop-up, and choose to use FuFu Points withholding for the service fee.
When the function is turned on, all users’ orders will withhold service fees with FuFu Points.
Please purchase FuFu Points in advance. The withholding function will not be available if the points run out.

Method 2: Manual service fee payment
Open the [My Account]-[My Service Fee] page, and you can see all your running hashrate orders with partly paid service fees.
Select the hashrate order for which you want to pay the service fee, and click [Pay Service Fee] to enter the “Pay Service Fee” page.

You can make two settings on the “Pay Service Fee” page: ① Select the number of days of service fee payment. ② Choose whether to pay with FuFu Points.

After setting, if the amount in “Total” is 0, click “Submit Order” and the security verification will pop up. After completing the security verification, you will successfully pay the service fee for this hashrate order

If the amount at “Total” is not 0, you can also continue to pay the remaining amount in the Cashier
Select the currency and network to pay the service fee. Currently, we support USDT, BTC, and ETH payments.

Each order will generate a unique payment address. Please transfer the corresponding amount to the “Transfer Address” of the order according to the “Amount to be transferred” on the payment page to complete the order payment. Please ensure that the transfer amount = Amount to be transferred + Service charge of your transfer platform. The system will automatically complete the service fee payment once the fund arrives.

After the block's confirmation is completed, the service fee will be recharged.
The service fee payment will fail if the transferred amount is less than the order amount. Users need to initiate a refund for the transferred amount.
If the transferred amount exceeds the order amount, the service fee payment will success. But users need to initiate a refund for excess amounts.

Click here to see How to make a refund?)

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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