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The second anniversary of BitFuFu is coming! We are releasing the ANTMINER S19 XP plan with multiple great gifts for everyone!

BitFuFu is two years old!
The anniversary will officially start on 22nd December! Thank you for your company along our journey. BitFuFu has always been here with you♥

The best gift for the second anniversary: BitFuFu introduces the “King” miner -- the brand new Antminer S19 XP Miner, and grandly launches the S19 XP Cloud Hashrate Plan (Exclusive)

BitFuFu —— The First Site to Provide Cloud Mining Service with S19 XP in the World
We will officially launch the 90-Day XP Cloud Mining Plan on December 22nd.

Three advantages:

Low Price to Enjoy the S19 XP Minier
$200 for 90-Day XP Cloud Mining Plan (Buy a miner costs more than $4.6K)

Outrunning the Bear Market & Never Shutdown

No worries about market downturns and difficulty increasing

Lower Cost & More Output
Lower total cost and more output than other miner plans

We have also prepared other activities and prizes. Come and have a look at the bonus spoilers~

Bonus 1: Antminer S19 XP Experience Plan! Three flash sale activities are available now!

We have prepared a 140T*3D S19 XP Plan, which is convenient for every user to experience the strong performance of the new generation miner!

And we have XP Experience Plans with free hashrate fees sold for a limited time in flash sales!

There are three flash sales, each available for an hour. Remember to set an alarm clock~

Bonus 2: For everyone! Get your XP Gift Plan, a total of 50U coupons

Bonus 3: Buy XP Plans and enjoy up to $500 coupons

Bonus 4: Payment system upgrade! “FuFu Point” launches! Get 100U FuFu Points for posting your order!

At the end of December, BitFuFu will fully upgrade the payment system and launch the “FuFu Points.” Users can use “FuFu Points” to buy hashrate, pay orders and service fees, etc. “FuFu Point” will make your payment on BitFuFu easier~

Are you ready for all the bonuses? ^_~ The first activity will start at 00:00 on December 22nd, 2022 (GMT+8), which is the flash sale of the S19 XP Experience Plan, free of hashrate fee! Remember to come on time!

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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