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The mining machine rental product is officially launched online! A $1,000,000 mining gift package is generously offered

Surprise 1: Lucky Cards, Exciting Hashrate Fun!

Prizes include:

Free S19 XP mining for 1-30 days
Miner Rental vouchers
Service fee vouchers
Ultra-short cycle cloud mining products

Please log in to the BitFuFu web platform to participate in the lottery

Surprise 2: Rent Miners and Get a $500 Service Fee Coupon!

During the event, as long as the number of Miners you rent meets the event requirements, you can receive a large service fee coupon, up to $500!

How to claim:
Log in to the BitFuFu web platform and purchase Miner Rental
Enter the web welfare zone to receive the service fee coupon

Surprise 3: New Product Special Offer, Amazing Discounts!

Only during the event, you can enjoy the following amazing discounts:

Rent 50~200 Miner Units: 1% discount on Miner Rental fees
Rent 200 Miner Units or more: 2% discount on Miner Rental fees

Log in to the BitFuFu web platform and place your order now

Don't miss this rare opportunity to rent Miners and enjoy amazing discounts! Increase your mining profits!

Numerous gifts are waiting for you on the BitFuFu web platform. Log in and check them out now!

Updated on: 09/05/2023

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