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Mining Experience Process and Returns Extraction

To provide more users with a free cloud mining experience, Bitfufu launches the Trial Cash feature.

1. You can experience a 1-day mining plan without the KYC verification. After the mining period ends, you will receive static output ranging from 7 to 11U in addition to your trial cash.

2. - If you complete KYC verification before the end of the trial mining operation, the static output will be doubled to 14U~22U!

What is Trial Cash?

Trial Cash is a virtual mining amount distributed by BitFuFu, which allows users to simulate the process of purchasing a mining plan and real mining output. In essence, the platform covers the initial investment, and all the income belongs to you.

Upon registration, users' accounts are automatically credited with $1000 Trial Cash, which can be used to purchase the "1-day mining experience plan" worth $1000. The static returns of 7U to 11U will be credited to reward account, and all the proceeds are users, while the $1000 Trial Cash is reclaimed by the platform. Completing KYC verification on the same day will grant you double rewards, up to $22, which can be used for trading on the platform.

How to claim and use Trial Cash?

Step 1: Register an account and obtain Trial Cash.

New users who register on the BitFuFu platform will automatically receive $1000 in mining Trial Cash at no cost.

Step 2: Purchase the 1-day trial plan.

You can use Trial Cash to simulate the purchase of mining plans and experience the process of cloud mining.

To do so, go to "Cloud Mining" > "Easy BTC" > select "Free Easy BTC 1 Days" plan details and click "Free Mining" to complete the purchase.

Trial Product: (

Step 3: Complete KYC verification before the plan expires.

To ensure the security of your account, complete KYC verification before enjoying mining returns. This will double your mining returns to 14-22U .

You can follow the page's instructions to complete KYC verification or go to "Dashboard," select "Settings," and then "KYC".

Fast KYC Verification: (

Step 4: Manually withdraw mining returns to the "FuFu Earns".

When the 1-day trial plan ends, your BitFuFu mining experience journey concludes as well. The platform will reclaim the $1000 Trial Cash, and the remaining static mining profits will belong to you. You need to manually withdraw these profits, and they will be directly deposited into your personal "FuFu Earns."

Withdrawal process: Go to "My Hashrate," select the "Free Mining" tab, click "Withdraw Profits," and your trial mining profits will be transferred to your Reward Account.

Free Hashrate List: (

View FuFu Earn Balance

Introduction to FuFu Earn (Reward Account)

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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