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Inviting Friends Rebate Rules and Rewards

Inviting Friends Rewards

Inviter Rewards:

Invitation Bonus: Inviters receive a $10 hashrate coupon when friends make any non-trial product transactions.

First Order Bonus: For each friend invited, and if they place an order exceeding $100 within 30 days of registration, the inviter enjoys a first-order bonus. The reward increases with the inviter's level, and there is no limit on the number of first-order bonuses. Refer to the "My Rewards Level" table for specifics.

Consumption Rebates: From the registration date of your friend, within a specified period, the inviter will receive rebates based on the transaction amount of Hashrate fees. The duration of the specified time varies according to the inviter's level. If the transaction amount for a single order placed by a friend is ≥ $100, the inviter is eligible for consumer rebates, with a maximum rebate of 10,000 FuFu Points per person. For specific details, please refer to the "My Reward Level" table.

Gold Medal Recommender Rewards: Invite 10 friends to cloud mining with 60+ days of trading to receive an extra $500 service fee reward and the "Gold Medal Recommender" title.

Note: Inviters must complete KYC verification to withdraw rebate rewards.

Invitee Rewards:

New User Registration Reward: New users receive a welcome gift of $1258, with zero investment required for experiencing mining, and all profits belong to the user.

New User Simple Package: Experience rewards reduce the initial investment for higher output.

New User Advanced Mining: New users enjoy a 10% discount on exclusive products for the first 30 days.

Invitation Rebate Rules

Rebateable Product: Items participating in platform marketing events and special-priced items on the marketplace are not eligible for invitation rebates. Details of non-eligible products are explained on the invitation rebate details page.

Self-Invitation Prohibition: Users are strictly prohibited from self-inviting to prevent abuse. Any self-invitation behavior, including binding the same email, phone number, or payout address, results in the cancellation of corresponding rebate qualifications and amounts, with potential additional penalties.

Monitoring and Penalties: The platform employs an automated monitoring system to regularly check for suspected self-invitation activities. Upon detection, relevant rebates are retroactively canceled, and appropriate penalties, such as account suspension or restricted functionality, may be imposed.

Appeal Mechanism: Users can appeal withdrawal results within 7 working days by contacting the customer service team. The platform will reevaluate based on the actual circumstances and provide a reasonable explanation.

Withdrawal Period: If FuFu points are not withdrawn within 60 days, they will automatically expire.

BitFuFu reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel rebates at any time. In case of suspected cheating, BitFuFu has the right to cancel rebate rewards.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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