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5%Off 120-D Group Purchase Plan, With Up to 15-D of free extension - "Team Up Mining More September" Is Coming!

Team Up Mining More September

Event time: Sept. 12th - Sept. 21st

Event plan: 120-day 5%off group purchase plan
120-day group purchase plan, 【5%off hashrate fee $0.0146/T/day】,original price $0.0154/T/day (you can participate in group purchase events to further enjoy free extension of mining days)
The minimum purchase of event plan is 1000T, each person is limited to 3000T, and the team limit is 20,000T.

Event rules: Buy group plan in a group and enjoy up to 15 days of free extension of mining days
Step one: Join the advanced VIP user group.
This event is exclusive to the "Elite VIP User Group" (Telegram). You need to join the community to participate in group plan purchasing. For VIP2 and above users, please contact Kyrie on Telegram ( ) and provide the UID of your personal account to apply to join the "Elite VIP User Group"

Step 2: Apply to receive the exclusive group purchase plan link.
The group leader contacts Kyrie on Telegram ( ) to build a group. If you form a group with a minimum of 3 people, you can apply for an exclusive plan link named by the group leader, such as "Kyrie Group Exclusive 120-Day Plan"

Step 3: Form a group to extend the mining days for free.
Each team member purchases a group plan through an exclusive link. The more ordering members in the group who meet the group purchase requirements, the more mining days will be extended for free for all members after purchasing the group plan.

- 【Discounted hashrate fee: $0.0134/T/day】 If there are 3 designated members in the group placing orders, all orders will be extended for free by 10 days to 130 days.
- 【Discounted hashrate fee: $0.0131/T/day]】 If there are 5 designated members purchasing, there will be extension for free by 13 days to 133 days.
- 【Discounted hashrate fee: $0.0129/T/day】 If there are 7 designated members purchasing, there will be extension for free by 15 days to 135 days.

*Conditions for extension of all members: The number of "newly registered users, VIP1 or VIP2 level members" in the team meets the specified number. High VIP level users, go find these friends and join a group to enjoy the extension!

It is recommended to invite new friends and friends to register and participate in group activities:

Group leader benefits: up to $30 first order reward + 2% consumption rebate
(For detailed rules, please refer to the [invitation] tab)

Newbie benefits: Newbie $245 large coupon
Including hashrate fee coupon of $180, $50, and $15, which can be used to deduct the hashrate fee of the 120-day group plan! Combined with the 15-day free extension, which is equivalent to a 16% discount, you can enjoy multiple discounts by using coupons!

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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