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How to make a payment?

Step 1: Choose the desired amount of hashrate and the number of days for the initial service fee on the product details page. Then click 'Buy Now' to proceed to the order confirmation page.

Step 2: On the order confirmation page, fill in the mining output address, select a mining pool, and choose a coupon (if available).

Step 3: Choose the payment method and click 'Pay Now.'

Currently, there are two payment methods available:
Payment with FuFu Points
Direct transfer

We recommend using FuFu Points for payment as it is faster and does not require waiting for blockchain confirmations. Additionally, you can use the fee withholding feature after placing the cloud mining order for more convenient and worry-free hosting.

Payment Method 1: Payment with FuFu Points

Select 'FuFu Points' and then click 'Pay Now.'
PS: The available points should be greater than or equal to the order amount.

Enter the fund password for security verification.

After successful verification, the payment will be processed immediately.

Payment Method 2: Direct Transfer

Choose the cryptocurrency and network for the bank transfer.
- You can see the current number of blockchain confirmations required for the selected cryptocurrency. The payment will be considered successful once the required confirmations are reached.
- You can also view the real-time exchange rate for the selected cryptocurrency.

After making your choice, click 'Pay Now.'

The amount of cryptocurrency sent by the user minus the transaction fee will be the credited amount. Please ensure that the credited amount is greater than or equal to the 'Order Amount'

After clicking 'Completed Transfer,' you will be taken to the order details page. The order status will still show 'Uncompleted.' Please don't worry; the order status will change to 'Completed' and become effective once the transfer reaches the required number of blockchain confirmations and the credited amount is greater than or equal to the order amount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If the credited amount exceeds the order amount (the excess amount referred to as 'Balance'), how can I request a refund?

How to refund?

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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