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How to Buy Cloud Mining Products?

After passing KYC, you can receive more coupons in the top navigation "Welfare Center" column,

After claiming, you can view the received coupons in the "dashboard" column, "hashrate coupons" on the left,

Click any "Buy Now" to enter the cloud computing power product page,

You can also directly click on the top navigation “cloud mining” to enter the cloud computing power product page,

Select the mining cycle you want to buy, enter the product introduction page,

Select the required quantity and service fee cycle,

Click "Buy Now" to enter the order confirmation page,

Add the receiving BTC wallet address,

Tick I agree,

Enter the payment page, select the payment method and the corresponding on-chain transfer to complete the order process.

Orders that have been placed can be viewed in My Orders.

Tip: You can place an order corresponding to the amount of cloud mining according to the coupon usage rules.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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