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(Web) Instructions on the rules for bulk payment of service fees

I. What is the bulk payment of service fees?
All orders without purchase service fees for a full cycle can be paid in bulk, which can improve the efficiency of service fee payment and reduce the transfer handling fee

II. How to operate
On the [Service Fee] page -- click the “Pay In Bulk” button

Set up service fee payment on the [Pay Service Fees In Bulk] page

Single Payment
(1) Choose the hashrate order that needs to pay the service fee
(2) Enter the service fee time you want to pay(the number of days) in the “Service fee to be paid” input box, and click “Buy Now.”

Bulk Payment
(1) Choose the hashrate order to pay the service fee. You can choose all or multiple but not all orders.
(2)Enter the service fee you want to pay(the number of days) in the “Days of pay in bulk” input box, click “Confirm,” and all selected orders will be paid according to the above “number of days.”

Payment rules
- When: to be paid < pay in bulk, service time payable will be displayed.
- When: to be paid ≥ pay in bulk, time of selecting all days will be displayed.
- When: Service time payable < 1 day, all service fees need to be paid at one time.
- Click "Buy Now" to jump to [Confirm Order] page.

On the Confirm Order Page, you can still modify the number of days of purchase, and you can use the service fee coupon (if you have any) and FuFu Points (if you have any) to make purchases.

If the amount at the “total” is 0, after clicking “Submit the Order,” a security verification will pop up. After completing the security verification, the service fee of the hashrate order will be successfully paid.

If the amount in the “total” is not 0, you can also continue to pay the remaining amount to the cashier.

Choose the net and the currency for the payment. USDT, BTC, and ETH are currently supported.

Each order generates a unique payment address. Please transfer the corresponding amount to the order “transfer address” according to the “the amount to be transferred” on the payment page to complete the order payment. Please be sure to pay ≥ the amount to be transferred + the handling fee of your transfer. Then the system will automatically complete the payment of the service fee.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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