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About Mining Output

Direct Transfer for Mining Output

1.Mining pool will synchronize the daily output bill (from 8:00 of yesterday to 8:00 of the day) between 8:00 and 16:00 (GMT+8) every day and transfer the mining output to personal wallet.

Transfer to personal wallet(BTC)

* Minimum payout amount: 

If the client’s daily output is higher than 0.005BTC, Antpool will transfer the mining output to the client’s personal wallet. If the daily output is below 0.005BTC, the mining pool will transfer the mining output when the accumulated output reaches 0.005BTC.

* Remaining Output:

After an order is fulfilled, if you choose a personal wallet, the mining pool will send you a small payment within 48 hours after the plans when the remaining BTC output in the mining pool exceeds the minimum transfer threshold (above X BTC). If the remaining output is below the minimum threshold, it will stay in the mining pool.

2.The transaction fee will be paid by the mining pool and the client does not need to worry about it.

3 All the cloud hashrate mining profit belongs to the client . The BitFuFu platform is not involved in profit sharing.

4.Currently, the platform does not support switching transfer addresses after it is set. Please think twice before selecting transfer to your funds or personal wallet.

How to view mining output?

For details, please visit:

Withdrawal Notes:

Minimum Withdrawal Amount of the Platform:

BTC: 0.0005

BCH: 0.0005


USDT- ERC20: 20

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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