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Plan's Hashrate Fluctuation and Compensation

The computing power is fluctuating and only an approximate value of the plan due to the hashrate of miner is fluctuating during the mining process, the data has certain volatility. Meanwhile, factors like network environment, mining environment, etc.occurs and it is impossible to achieve the precise number. Therefore, be aware of the computing power may be higher or lower than the average value during the plan period. Please focus on the daily hashrate and if there is a big difference between the two (more than the range of 5% ), please contact the customer service.

There are 2 kinds of compensation:

1.  1:1 Postpone plan compensation

For Service Charges maintenance and pools power off, we would conduct 1:1 ‘Postpone plan’: if the Service Charges off for 1 hour, your mining service running time will be postponed for an additional 1 hour.

The compensation hours will be automatically added to your account when the maintenance recovers. After the duration, the plan mining duration is postponed in accordance with the compensation hours.

The actual compensation hours of each order might differ from the whole duration hours, please stay tuned in accordance with the actual compensation hours.

The Service Charges will not be deducted during a power off, and the Service Charges will be paid for the compensation hour.

2. Hashrate pull-up compensation

If the hashrate of the plan is just substandard (5% lower than it's supposed to be ),  it would be detected by the system and there would be hashrate compensation accordingly.

Hashrate of the plan would be pulled up in the next 24 hours (or in a few days when the hashrate is sufficient) until the daily hashrate return to normal, users may pay more attention to the daily hashrate of the following days.

Updated on: 30/10/2022

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