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KYC Levels and Limits

1. The current KYC  "Identity Verification Level" includes 【Personal Verification】and 【Enterprise Verification】.

Personal Verification has two levels:

Lv.1:  Basic verification

Lv.2:  Advanced verification

Based on verification level, BitFuFu supports various transaction amount limits, please check the following:

Identity Verification LevelNot CertifiedPersonal Basic VerificationPersonal Advanced VerificationEnterprise Verification
Transaction LimitNon Tradable$100,000$100,000,000$200,000,000

The transaction amount is the sum of all hashrate fees and service fees paid.
If the user provides a clear and compliant ID photo, the system will conduct a preliminary review. Once the preliminary review is passed, the user will immediately enjoy a transaction limit of $1,000. After the preliminary review is passed, we will manually review your information, and this process is expected to be completed within 1 to 3 working days.
If the manual review is not passed, your $1,000 transaction limit will be frozen, and you will not be able to continue trading on the BitFuFu platform. However, if you have already purchased a cloud mining plan, you can continue to pay the service fee for the plan.
If you are a "restricted person," your KYC identity verification will not be approved. However, if you live in an unrestricted country or region overseas and provide proof of residence, you can pass the verification.

Click here to view restricted persons

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Updated on: 23/01/2024

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