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Invite Friends Rules

Inviter Rewards:

Invite Friends To Earn High Rebates.
When a friend spends >$100 each order within 30 days of registration, inviter will receive a 10USDT reward
When a friend spends > $100 each orderwithin 30 days of registration,, inviter will receive a 2% rebate on the hashrate fee
During the event, when a friend buy 90 days and above plan,inviter will receive a 20USDT coupon
The inviter needs to complete KYC identity authentication to withdraw the rewards

Invitee Rewards:

Accumulated order amount > 100USDT, Get 200U luxury gifts.
The system will be upgraded, and the invitation rewards will be paid with FuFu Points


Bitfufu reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the event at any time. If the event participants are suspected of cheating such as malicious click farming and batch registration of accounts, Bitfufu has the right to cancel their activity qualification and rewards.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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