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Introduction of Selected Mines like Bitmain

Mine Selection Standards and Guarantee Mechanism

BitFuFu has built a strict mining site screening mechanism to cooperate with qualified sites in Canada and United States, and plans to expand the sites into Iceland and Norway in 2022. The platform has a comprehensive rating system to select sites from multiple aspects including site qualification, stability of Service Charges, quality assurance of miners, mining size, and financial pledge. The Hashrate provided to the clients will be qualified and stablized in this way. Besides, by holding shares in the facility, the platform is able to send operation and maintenance personnel to mining sites, monitor facilities through software, and ensure the controlling of the mining assets by holding financial pledge.

Introduction to Our Sites in the US

These Mining Sites arelocated in South Carolina and Minnesota, United States. The total load is 1.5 million kw with a capacity of 50,000 miners. The factory is built with high standards and high quality. All mines are monitored in real-time with a smart operation and maintenance system. BitFuFu’s self-operated mining sites employs an all-around professional team that is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the miners from aspects of repairing, Service Charges, network, and system development and are equipped with repairing and operation technicians with years of operational and maintenance experience to provide our clients with the best Hashrate maintenance services.

Pictures of Mining Sites:

Introduction to Our Sites in Canada

The Mining Site is located in British Columbia, Canada. The total load is 600 thousands kw with a capacity of 20,000 miners. This site employs a cooling solution that isolates cold and heat, including a single-column design, variable-frequency fans, and the water curtain. An efficient auto-operation system is equipped to classify and aggregate miners that are not running normally, and to display important indicators such as illegal miners in mining pool maintenance, Zero Hashrate are by classification and aggregation.

Updated on: 30/10/2022

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