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ANTMINER Coupons Trading Market User Guide

Notes before use: You need to register an account on the BitFuFu platform first and pass KYC. Your KYC certification will be reviewed within 2 hours.

What is the Antminer Coupons Trading Market?

${color}[#ff0000] (BitFuFu miner coupons trading market is a safe ANTMINER trading market)

Trustworthy: buyers and sellers directly trade miner coupons in the market, and all circulating coupons have been officially verified and are 100% valid!

Fund safety: The payment process is all completed in the market to ensure the security of your funds!

Easy trading: The miner coupons market is deeply connected to the BITMAIN platform, and sellers can experience the convenient "one-click order listing" service, and the coupons are sold efficiently; the market gathers global miner coupon sellers, and buyers can easily compare prices and choose buy the most suitable coupons with confidence.

How to buy miner coupons?

1. Click [MINER COUPON] to enter the homepage of the market, filter [Available Products] and [Purchase Time], select the coupons that you think have the right price and discount and click [Buy]

2. Fill in the [Quantity] you needed and [Coupon Receiving Setting] to confirm the order, and transfer money to the order address to complete the purchase.

3. After the coupon arrives in the account, click [Transfer Out] in [My Coupon] to transfer the coupon to the BITMAIN account and use it when purchasing miners on the BITMAIN official website. You can also choose to click [listing] to put it up for sale.

How to sell miner coupons?

1. Enter [Miner Coupon] - [My Coupons], click [To Link] to bind the BITMAIN account (enter the BITMAIN account, get the verification code, and complete the binding).

2. Click [Transfer], copy the consignment account, and go to the BITMAIN official website to transfer the coupon.

3. Enter the BITMAIN official website, select the coupon to be traded and click the "Transfer" button, enter the transferred account and copy BitFuFu consignment address in the pop-up window

4. After the transfer is complete, go back to BitFuFu [My Coupons] and click [Listing] to successfully put the coupons on the market home page to sell.

About others

For coupon seller

The seller's minimum coupon sales volume: the total value is not less than 100U.

Types of coupons that are supported to be sell: currently only the "Order Discount Coupons" using for all BITMAIN products are supported for sale, and other coupons are to be put on the shelves.

Listing coupon display and sales sequence logic: In the coupon market, the same type of coupon with the same price will be classified as one product display, and the sales quantity of the product will be accumulated. The final order of sale is based on the chronological order in which the coupons of each seller are listed.

For coupon buyer

Coupon purchase order for buyers: there is no “order locking” setting, users who pay faster get the coupons first.

To buy coupons, you need to fill in the refund address in [Coupon Receiving Setting], because you may be refunded due to failing miner coupon ordering, and the refund fee will be borne by BitFuFu.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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