BitFuFu & Antpool Joint Event: "$1280 Coupons + S19XP 360Days Benefit Plan", to help mining at full capacity in the last 360 days!

There is just one year to go before the halving of BTC, and the bull market is approaching. Let us make the final mining effort for the 360-day countdown to the halving!

This BitFuFu & Antpool joint event aims to give benefits back to BitFuFu's Elite VIP users. Thank you for your long-term support to BitFuFu. Your choice and trust are the driving force for BitFuFu to move forward!

Event benefits introduction: "$1280 Coupons + S19XP 360Days Benefit Plan"
1. We have prepared a cost-effective "S19XP 360days benefit plan" for everyone to help everyone hoard BTC before the BTC halving and the bull market arriving

2. We have prepared up to $980 hashrate fee coupons for everyone, which can be directly deducted when placing an order, saving a lot of money easily

3. After placing an order, you can also receive service fee coupon of up to $300, which saves money further ! Save you $1280 by coupons in total!

Event rules:
Only users with BitFuFu accounts reaching VIP2 level and above can participate

Duraiton: 3.15-3.25

Coupon claim method:
Contact the admin Kyrie and send your account UID, then you will be invited to join BitFuFu official "Elite VIP Users Group" and claim these coupons

Click link to contact the admin Kyrie ( )now to get $980 coupons in advance and learn about the event news!

The event is about to start, so stay tuned...

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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