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What is miner rental?

What is a Miner Rental product?

It is an online rental service for miner. BitFuFu platform offers multiple rental periods for you to choose from, and then you can select the number of miner you want to rent and place an order online. During the rental period, you will receive all the mining output, while BitFuFu will handle the entire process of hosting computing power access, maintenance, and more, making it more hassle-free than renting miner offline!

What are the advantages of Miner Rental compared to traditional miner purchase?

Low threshold. Compared to purchasing miner, the cost of renting miner is very low, and can be as low as renting just one machine.
Easy and convenient. You can start mining immediately after purchase, saving you the general 1-2 month process of purchasing, shipping, and mining farm access configuration.
Lower risk and more flexible. Users can flexibly choose the rental period and quantity based on market conditions, making entry and exit easier.

How to calculate the cost and output of Miner Rental?


The price of Miner Rental consists of two parts: rental fee and service fee
Rental fee + service fee = the cost of renting a miner

Rental fee: The cost of renting a miner, the price unit is rental fee per T hash rate ($), and you can also view the rental fee of each machine (rental fee per T hash rate x the hash rate of each machine) on the product details page.
Service fee: Mainly includes mining farm electricity fees and other operating and maintenance costs. The price is $0.08/kw.h, which is equivalent to $0.0413/T/day.

Note: When placing an order, you must pay the rental fee for the entire rental period, but you can pay the service fee in installments (at least 30 days of service fee when placing an order).

If the service fee is not paid in a timely manner, the miner you rented will stop running, and the losses will be borne by you.


On the product details page, BitFuFu has prepared rich charts for you and has calculated the expected static income.

Here, "output" refers to the BTC you earned by mining, and at the end of the rental period, its value is calculated based on the then-current exchange rate, which we call the "reference exchange rate."

All the data in the chart is calculated based on the reference exchange rate set in the right figure. You can set the reference exchange rate to your expected exchange rate by sliding the button in the right figure, and the theoretical static income in the left and middle figures will also change accordingly.


First Day Payment: The minimum fee required to be paid when placing an order (full cycle rental fee fee + 30-day service fee)

Remaining Payment: The service fee paid after placing an order (service fee for rental days - 30 days)

How to rent a miner?

Step 1: Choose the rental period you want in the "Mining Rental" section on the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select the number of miner you want to rent and the number of days of service fee to be paid for the first time on the "Product Details" page.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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