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How to start cloud mining?

Products Introduction

The cost and output of mining are closely related to the miner's model, power consumption, hashrate, power supply and other indicators, BitFuFu scientifically standardized and integrated it through technical means, making the mining process simpler, even a newbie can easily start mining

Users only need to pay attention to the following four indicators when they purchase cloud mining products on BitFuFu:
Hashrate fee
Service fee
Hashrate quantity
Plan durations

BitFuFu provides a full-cycle 30-1080-day BTC hashrate plan, users can choose the different plans according to their own capital and risk tolerance, users are allowed to choose their mining pool independently when placing an order, real mining is guaranteed.

How to start BitFuFu Cloud Mining

Step 1: Complete KYC Verification

Go to "Profile" or "Assets" page for quick access. Alternatively, navigate to "Profile" -> "Account Security" -> "KYC Verification" to complete your KYC verification

Step 2: Select a hashrate plan

Ideal for new users: One-click order, all-inclusive cost, more coins obtained for the same amount of money compared to direct purchase from the market.
Select the desired duration and purchase amount. The cost of the plan includes all hashrate fees and service fees for the selected period.
The higher the purchase amount, the more computing power available during the chosen period.
Purchase flows:
Select a desired hashrate duration——> Enter the purchase amount -> Click [Buy Now] -> Select a mining pool -> Enter your personal wallet address for mining output -> Make payment.

Full Revenue
Ideal for professional miners: you can choose to pay partial service fees when placing an order and optimize your earnings by implementing professional payment strategies before the service fee is due
The service fee payment timing, payment currency, and market fluctuations can affect your overall cost and, consequently, your earnings.
Purchase flows:
Select a hashrate plan (plan duration) -> Select the desired "hashrate quantity" -> Select the number of days for the initial service fee payment (minimum days as specified in the product details) -> Click [Buy Now] -> Select a mining pool -> Enter your personal wallet address for mining output -> Make payment.

(1) Select a Plan

(2) Plan Details

Step 3: Place Order and Make Payment

(1) Order Confirmation

Confirm the selected plan details and corresponding amount.
Select a mining pool with its specific payment threshold.
Enter your personal wallet address, similar to a bank account number, to receive your mining output

(2)Select a Payment Method and Make Payment

Hashrate Running and Output

After purchase, you will be able to monitor the running hashrate and track your output data on the "Assets" page

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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