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Differences Between Cloud Mining and Direct Bitcoin Purchase

Cloud mining theoretically allows for the potential to acquire more bitcoins than purchasing them directly, as, under the condition of the same investment amount and Bitcoin price, mining offers a fixed production rate. This is more efficient compared to direct purchases, where there might be redundancy.

Direct Purchase of Bitcoin

Advantages:Can own Bitcoin directly. Can buy and sell based on market price fluctuations.

Disadvantages:Need to manage and secure the digital wallet for Bitcoin, and be cautious of security risks. Market price volatility could pose risks to direct investment.

Target Audience:Individuals looking to quickly buy Bitcoin for participation in market trading.

Cloud Mining of Bitcoin

Advantages:Offers coin earnings, providing more Bitcoin than direct purchase. Start mining with as little as $20 USD, no need for in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin mining technology. Fixed production cycles allow for premium coin sales within the cycle, with a certain level of risk resistance.

Disadvantages:Daily earnings payouts, takes time for complete earnings cycle. Due to mining difficulty changes, requires purchasing strategy and service fee payment method.

Target Audience:Those interested in Bitcoin mining but lack technical knowledge and funds.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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